Gender Identity


I provide letters, recommendations of other resources and providers, and gender exploration resources both in and outside of sessions. I work with children as young as 10 years old, all the way up through adults of any age.

Gender Exploration

If you're curious about your gender identity and/or expression, whether you're questioning or feel your transition has been complete for awhile, I am here to support you. We can discuss any social or physical dysphoria you've been experiencing, and you may discover you have more or less dysphoria than you realized. We can figure out your transition goals and figure out some next steps so you can be on your way to alleviating dysphoria and being read as your authentic self. We may consider how, when, and why to come out to others, including your family, friends, and workplace. I respect that each individual's safety, comfort level, and timelines are unique to them and I can facilitate your own assessment of what feels right for you at every stage of therapy and transition. I ask questions, give resources, relay stories of others' experiences, and help you find your own gender journey--whatever that may look like. I aid in considering what life looks like once your transition may feel "complete," and I help you navigate the world in different ways as you seek to express your authentic self. I strive to provide a safe space for investigating the intersection in all aspects between gender and sexuality.

I can write you a mental health provider letter in order to medically transition (i.e., hormones and surgeries). I am able to do this during our first session. If you are only seeking a letter and not ongoing therapy, please let me know! You may be able to see me sooner if I am aware of your goal.

Gender Resources

Trans Family Support Services (TFSS) is a non-profit organization that supports trans and non-binary folx of all ages. They can help navigate insurance for medical transition, as well as help with any appeals processes. They hold family engagement sessions to bring parents "on board" to support their trans or nonbinary offspring. They also provide services including support groups and provide gender-affirming items such as binders and packers. 

Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC (they/them) is a former nonbinary mental health provider who has numerous videos and resources, including a gender "guidebook" that many of my clients have found helpful, no matter where you are on your gender journey. 

Recommendations of medical providers for medical transition (hormones, surgery) will be provided upon request.